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Trainings And Workshops

Training Opportunity facilitated by MANUK in collaboration with Nothing Hill Housing (Aylesbury Estate Regeneration)

As part of the MANUK/Old Kent Road Mosque engagement and advancement programme for our members and mosque users including the general public, we organized trainings and workshops to facilitate skills development and career progression of individuals within our communities.

Presently we are collaborating with the Nothing Hill Housing to provide career development trainings in the areas of Health and Social Care, Childcare, Teaching Assistants and Assessor training to people age 18 and above , especially older people looking to get back into work or start a new career.


Vocational Training

We encourage our community members to develop vocational skills in areas such as tailoring, beads making, catering and baking, Arts and crafts.

Workshops and Trainings

We organised special workshops for the different groups within the mosque, children, women, elders and youth. In recent times we have collaborated with organizations such as the London Sustainability Exchange to organized workshops and sessions on water managements and utilities management.

Also yearly, we have workshops on Managing Diabetes during Ramadan, this we do in conjunction with Diabetes UK and have recently join the Southwark Council and Diabetes UK in recruiting and training Diabetes Champions who would help to tackle the menace of Diabetes in our community.