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About Us

The Muslim Association of Nigeria (MAN) UK was founded by Nigerian Students in 1950. Over the years it has been a founding and active member of the Council for Nigerian Muslim Organisation (CNMO), the Union of Muslim Organisation (UMO) and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).  MAN enjoys a good reputation within the muslim and local community. 

Local established relationships include Southwark Muslim Forum (SMF), Southwark Multi-faith Forum (SMFF), Police Safety and Community Committee, London Black Forum. Cross organisational working helps to close gaps in provision and facilitates intelligence to serve the needs of communities better. For community organisations this generates considerable added value and investment into services provided in Southwark. Also MAN supports the National Council for the Welfare of Muslim Prisoners (NCWMP) by active contribution to the welfare of these prisoners in UK jails.

We also engage with local schools through organised visits and Q&A sessions at the islamic centre and mosque. The above results in MAN being part of the local community and assists with the outreach work we do whilst having a voice regionally and nationally to help us make a real difference.

The need for facilities that meet demand is essential for the safe delivery of the important and beneficial services MAN provides.  In order to manage and sustain the demand for the significant role the centre provides to the community, particularly in Southwark, we have decided to build a new centre along Old Kent Road to enhance the space and facility.  This would serve the mutual interest of the local authority, local people, and the islamic faith, whilst benefiting people of all ages, socio-economic groups, and ethnicities.

The Muslim Association of Nigeria (MAN) enjoys the support of the Hon. MP for North Southwark and Bermondsey, Mr Simon Hughes, in our efforts to rebuild the mosque and/or look for an alternative site. Mr Hughes is also assisting with the raising of funds and has provided a letter of support.