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Our Youths

Regular fortnightly brothers’ and sisters’ circles (fortnight)

Islamic circles held in the mosque every other Sunday for brothers and sisters respectively, between 5.30 -7.30. The circles provide an opportunity for the youth to gather and learn about their Deen and also discuss issues pertaining to young Muslims in our society, in a friendly and safe environment.

We will also hold quarterly lectures for both brothers and sisters of the youth.


Brothers’ ‘Night Night’ – (March & November)

Annual male only camp which happens twice a year. The event will be filled with many educational and spiritual activities to increase the knowledge and wisdom of the youth males. The plan is to have a camp in the mosque for one night to enable the bond and the brotherhood to grow between the males. 


Gele Galore – Saturday 11th March 2017

Annual female only fundraising event for mothers and daughters within the community, to be held a Links’ Community Centre Hall Bermondsey.

Similar to ‘Pathways to Paradise’ programme, an event aimed at bridging the gap between students of Markaz and the Youth group. Also Invitation proposed to send to different youth groups within South London to enable networking between organisations.