About Our Mosque

The Muslim Association of Nigeria UK (MAN UK) was formally established in the UK in February 1961 by a group of Nigerian students in London. Their aim was to promote religious and social interactions within the Nigerian Muslim community in London. In 1986 MAN UK became a registered charity with the Charity Commission.

The main goal of the charity at the time was to identify and tackle the many issues plaguing the local community whilst also acting as ambassadors of Islam, during a time when (not unlike today) the religion of Islam was heavily frowned upon.

In 1991, MAN UK acquired a derelict pub turned nightclub in centre of Old Kent Road, since then and by the mercy of Allah, this building has served as the spiritual heart beat for the local community of believers and more generally as the home of the Old Kent Road Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre.

The Old Kent Road Mosque offers a wide variety of services ranging from the provision of adequate prayer facilities for both men and women; Arabic and Islamic studies courses; advice sessions on legal, housing and health matters; community engagement and educational opportunities; as well as youth activities and support for the elderly.


Above all, it provides a safe place where Muslims can cultivate their faith whilst integrating in our multi-cultural and multi-ethnic community.


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