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We offer free advice and counselling sessions at the Mosque

  • This ranges from :

    • legal matters affecting individual Muslims;

    • immigration support;

    •  spiritual counselling and supplications for people faced with social problems of various kinds.

  • This is achieved through our skilled and experienced scholars who have successfully served the community to date. 

  • The association also provides welfare projects for the benefits of the Elders Group, children's pre-school playgroups and supplementary education classes.

  • Regular social outings are arranged on certain months of the year for elders to chosen areas of their choice.


If you are in need of a counsellor please contact us at 


Alternatively, contact them direct at any of the following numbers: 

  • Dr Imran Alawiye - 02085750430

  • Prof. Mashood Baderin - 07947251731

  • Chief Imam Tajudeen Salami - 07956962195

  • Deputy Imam Kazeem Fatai - 07932405792

Counselling Services

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