The Muslim Association of Nigeria UK, Youth Wing also known as MAN Youth is a longstanding pillar in the Muslim Nigeria community in Britain. MAN Youth can trace its origin to the early 90's, with the inception of many of our now keystone events like our Annual Summer and Winter camps dating back to this period. The aim is to deliver a sustainable stream of collaborative, quality mentorship and Islamic education in the fundamentals that our Youth need today to navigate the pressures of living in this age of hyper-activity and data overload.
BarakAllahu feek Wa jazakallahu khair.
Yours sincerely,
MAN Youth Executive 

Charity No: 1179477

Our Mission Statement


To serve as the home and safe space for Muslim Youth in our community. We aim to advance their education and knowledge of the Deen as well as equip them with the life skills they'll need to effectively thrive in this world and the next. 

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